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Display of Mathematics and Browser Issues

The XML standard for display of mathematics in browsers is MathML, currently in version 2.0. We use a conversion software, ASCIIMathML that lets us design pages using calculator-style mathematical notation, while converting this notation to true (and accessible) MathML when viewed in a browser.

Firefox 2.0+ has built-in support for MathML, so if you use this browser, no separate plugin is necessary. However, there are occasional display issues, such as in writing the square root of `-2/3`. Notice that the square root symbol does not extend over both the numerator and the denominator in this example: `sqrt((-2)/3)` There are complicated font instructions here that may solve this problem.

As of Internet Explorer 7.0, no support is included for MathML. However, a separate, free plugin, MathPlayer, is available. If you are not sure whether you have it, you can check here. If you need it, you can download the plugin here.