Course: Science Subtest II
Lesson: Ecology
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After completing this lesson, you can see that at a high level, the study of ecology involves the understanding of energy flow and nutrient cycling through organisms within ecosystems, via the food chain and web. To gain a thorough understanding of the subject, you must consider the relationship of numerous factors found in ecosystems, including abiotic and biotic factors, matter transfer in biogeochemical cycles, the important roles played by photosynthesis and cell respiration in energy exchange, the interrelationships of predator and prey species, and the competition for resources.

Finally, in trying to understand the aforementioned elements and the important role each element plays within the context of the ecosystem, reflect that in teaching this subject, we can also help explain what our role is in the destruction of various natural habitats and ecosystems. In doing so, we may be able to help rebuild the ecosystems we are destroying.

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