Course: Science Subtest II
Lesson: Ecology
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Practice Questions

Self-testing is a critical part of test preparation. To help you study, practice questions from several different resources are offered on this and the next few pages. Work your way through all of them to test your knowledge.

This McGraw-Hill site on Animal Diversity provides a self-check quiz with feedback. You'll want to ignore the questions on population growth equations.

The GRE Biology Test Practice Book provides an excellent resource of test questions to measure your knowledge in this area. Please refer to pages 26 - 30 for practice problems in ecology and evolution at:

For practice problems in ecology taken from the AP (advanced placement) biology course description catalog, please refer to pages 21 - 36 in:
Answers are on page 36.

This set of questions at Binghamton University is aimed at clarifying common misconceptions about ecology:

You may first want to review the list of common misconceptions: