Course: Science Subtest II
Lesson: Course Introduction
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How To Take This Course

This online course is designed for the prospective secondary science teacher who needs to pass Science Subtest I and II to be able to comply with California requirements. It is not a traditional "course," in the sense that it will not substitute for postsecondary coursework. Rather, it is a resource to help you identify your specific gaps in your understanding. Each lesson corresponds to a California Subject Matter Requirement and each topic corresponds to an individual or group of California K-12 Content Standards for Science. The CSET exam is itself is tied to these standards. Each lesson follows the same pattern:

Diagnostic Questions - Diagnostic questions allow you to rapidly ascertain your own level of comfort with the topic matter. If you find them to be easy and correctly answer the questions, you can move on to the next topic. In this manner, you will only spend time on areas where you need to strengthen your understanding.

Diagnostic Questions with Feedback - This is a second level of help. Perhaps you answered the questions correctly, but have doubts as to the depth of your understanding. Here, we provide at least greater explanation of the answer, if not a step-by-step demonstration, depending on the content matter. If you just needed something to jog your memory, this may be sufficient and you can move to the next lesson.

Content "Refresher" - The "refresher" is designed to provide just-in-time instruction to reinforce your understanding, particularly if you have struggled with the diagnostic questions. These screens provide further examples and opportunities for practice along with an explanation of the topic. Following the refresher, you are provided with another diagnostic question. These refreshers are necessarily brief and far from inclusive of the full depth of the area of mathematics. However, it may be enough for someone who previously learned the material through coursework and needs to brush up in advance of taking the CSET exam.

Glossary: For graphic emphasis, glossary items are marked in a highly visible blue highlight and not a more traditional blue underline typically used in links.

Navigation: Use the menus above to navigate to new lessons, topics and pages or, for convenient page-to-page navigation, use the forward and back buttons by the page numbering above. Note that at the end of the lesson, you have to use the lesson menu to proceed to the next lesson. Since this brief introduction is a single-page "lesson," you can practice using the lesson menu now.

One final note: no online resource can really substitute for a full course, whether online or in the classroom. UCI Extension provides an online course based on these open materials in which an instructor works with you to analyze and strengthen your individual understanding of the topics covered by the CSET exam. For more details, please see our website at