Course: Science Subtest I
Lesson: Dynamic Processes of the Earth (Geodynamics)
Topic: Tectonic Processes I: Continental Drift      Page 10 of 15  

Evidence from mountain ranges and rock types. The Appalachian Mountains strike through the eastern United States and Canada then end at the sea off of Newfoundland. The Caledonides Mountains are found in eastern Greenland, Ireland, Great Britain and Norway. These two mountain ranges are the same age with the same rock types and structures.

Rather than forming in far-flung locations across oceans, Wegener thought it more likely that they formed at the same time on the same continent and were later separated. These mountain ranges were built as the continents smashed together to form the supercontinent Pangaea.

The Appalachian and Caledonides Mountains connect as one mountain range if Pangaea is reconstructed.