Course: Science Subtest I
Lesson: Dynamic Processes of the Earth (Geodynamics)
Topic: Tectonic Processes I: Continental Drift      Page 5 of 15  

Diagnostic Question with Feedback

4. If the continents are placed together into the supercontinent Pangaea, what does the distribution of mountain ranges, fossils, glaciers, and other rock types from the late Paleozoic look like?

AThe different features (mountain ranges, fossils, glaciers and rock types) are found on a single modern continent and do not overlap when Pangaea is joined.
BThese features are continuous across the continents as if they formed as part of the same continent and were later separated.
CThe rock types and mountain ranges are different on each continent but the fossils found there are the same.
DThe distribution of fossils show that different organisms lived on different continents but the mountain ranges and rock types spanned across Pangaea.