Course: Hate Crimes
Lesson: Thinking About Hate Crime
Topic: Introduction to Hate Crimes      Page 1 of 15  
  • Understand that this course focuses on hate crime as a specific type of violent conduct and criminal activity, as well as on social control efforts designed to curb such violence; and
  • Understand the objectives and key questions of this course.
  • Understand what it means to think about “hate crime” as both an old and a new social problem;
  • Identify some modern manifestations of the problem;
  • Understand that the forms of “hate crime” can range from “symbolic to fatal”; and
  • Understand “hate crime” as both a trans-historical and a trans-national phenomenon.

Please do the following required reading for Lesson One:

  • The Violence of Hatred, Introduction to In the Name of Hate (BP)
  • Hate Crimes Hurt More, Chapter 9 of Hate and Bias Crime: A Reader (BP)
  • Consequences for Victims: A Comparison of Bias and Non-Bias-Motivated Assaults, Chapter 10 of Hate and Bias Crime: A Reader (BP)
  • Connecting the Past to the Future: Hate Crime in America, Chapter 1 of Hate and Bias Crime: A Reader (BP)
  • Beyond Black on White: Minority on Minority Violence," Chapter 5 of In the Name of Hate (BP)
  • Hate Crime: An Emergent Research Agenda, Chapter 2 of Hate and Bias Crime: A Reader (BP)
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